List of all Toastmasters roles

Evaluation is discovery!

While a speech evaluator comments on a prepared speech, a general evaluator comments on the whole meeting.

Before the meeting:
If any member of your evaluation team (timer, ah-counter, grammarian, speech evaluators) is new, share information on how to prepare his or her role.

Right before the meeting:
In case a member of your evaluation team doesn't show up, find a replacement.

At the meeting:
  1. Observe the entire meeting and take notes.
  2. Say a couple of sentences why evaluation is important.
  3. Invite each speech evaluator to the podium one by one.
  4. Invite functionaries (timer, ah-counter, grammarian) to give reports.
  5. Comment a couple of strong points and one area for improvement.

Hi everyone, many people think that the evaluation session is the most useful section of a meeting. A prepared speaker gets immediate feedback. An evaluator gets to practice coaching skill. I'll introduce speech evaluators, invite functionary reports, and finally offer overall comments about the meeting.

Didn't we all enjoy XX's speech "YY"? It's his 3rd project from the Basic Manual. ZZ will evaluate his speech. Let's welcome ZZ.
Thanks! Great evaluation.

Our next evaluator is AA. He'll give feedback to BB's speech titled "CC". AA, come on to the podium.
Great feedback, AA!

Now we'll hear reports from our wonderful functionary people. I'd like to invite our Grammarian XX to give us his report.

Next I’d like to invite our Ah Counter XX to give a report.

Now I’ll invite our Timer XX to give a report. Thank you.

Let me provide feedback on how well our meeting went, and areas for improvement. I enjoyed today's meeting! We started the meeting on time and let's end the meeting on time. Our toastmaster did a great job in introducing speakers. Our table topics master had creative questions! It would be great to say a sentence or two to acknowledge a table topics speaker before moving on to the next question. Each of you contributed to making this meeting high quality and fun. Thank you. I'd like to return the podium to XX.

As an example, here's the observation of a general evaluator.