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Notes about Python

Study Group Meeting
Discussion Summary
April 9, 2013
  • David talked about scripting tasks on a phone - for example, a phone will email out its GPS location when it receives a call (useful if you forget whether you left your phone at your friend's home or at work)
  • Ben talked about verifying FPGA functions.
  • Jenny talked about common functions: send out email, web interface, file operations.
  • Number of attendees: 3
April 16
  • Dave talked about scraping data.
  • David suggested possible ways to simplify data scraping.
  • Jenny talked about her app and the team discussed the implementation.
  • Haojin talked about his interests in programming languages.
  • Number of attendees: 4
April 23
  • Tarzine has experienced in front end, user design, and game design. She talked about responsive size - change front page display according to the size of a user device.
  • Charlie teaches how to implement security features, prevent fraudulent ad with Python.
  • Young is interested in Python while Tarzine and Strong are interested in developing iPhone apps.
  • Number of attendees: 6
April 30
  • We discussed the implementation of an app idea that a member had, especially what to implement first.
  • We also talked: when to use lists and when to use dictionaries; use objects majority of the time to simplify the maintenance in future.
  • Number of attendees: 3
May 7
  • We discussed Python in general.
  • We talked about Coursera class "an introduction to interactive programming in Python"
  • Number of attendees: 4
May 14
  • We talked about how to start web development, hackathon, education app - Read with Me.
  • Number of attendees: 2
May 21
  • We watched video lectures together.
  • Number of attendees: 3
May 28
  • Talked about Python & Web Development.
  • Number of attendees: 3

Reference: CS50x Introduction to Computer Science I