Study Group for Machine Learning
We meet at 5:30pm at Willow conference room (next to the lobby), Cisco building 22. The street address is 821 Alder Drive, Milpitas
Before coming to the study group
  • View video lectures, complete review questions, attempt programming exercise for this week.
  • For the area you plan to apply machine learning, does this week's content help? What questions do you have for this week?
  • Please bring bottled water, a pen, and a notepad. Please be on time.
Arrive at the conference room
  • You can see us from outside of the building. In case you're late, gently knock on the glass wall. Someone will come out to open the lobby door for you. Please pay forward by opening the door for the next person who is late.
  • To make discussions more effective, let's form small groups. Each group has about eight people. The conference room will be arranged accordingly. If your table has less than eight people, greet people as they come in and invite them to sit at your table.
  • The bathroom is located in the lobby. If it is locked, it means it's in use by someone.
  • Wifi connection is not provided.
During the discussion
  • The discussion is 75 minutes (from 5:30pm to 6:45pm.) From 7pm to 8:30pm, the room will be used for Mandarin English Toastmasters meeting. You're welcome to attend that.
  • Volunteer to host discussions at your table. Discussion agenda: 1. Any question for this week? 2. Share your ideas or experiences in applying machine learning.
  • Take notes during the discussion. You'll accumulate useful information.
  • Try to include everyone. If one question takes too long, ask to take the question offline. If one person hasn't gotten chance to talk, ask "Do you have any question or anything to share?"

The skill of hosting a great technical discussions is as useful as Machine Learning expertise. Let's make the discussions useful for each participant!

Please email questions and suggestions to: OnlineLearningTM-officers@googlegroups.comexternal image clear.gif