How to Facilitate a Discussion
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2nd Boot Camp, January 2013

A Mini Project
Write a short invitation for an upcoming meeting or party that you'll host.

A Fun Quiz
Question 1
What's the essence of a good invitation?
1. Inviting people is like playing Apples to Apples. You just explain why it is relevant.
2. An invitation should show no emotion, including ONLY meeting name, time, and location.
3. An invitation should have impressive jargons
4. An invitation should focus on "we" instead of "you".

Question 2
What's the ONLY requirement to be a great host?
1. You need to be a subject expert. if you're hosting "Introduction to Guitar", you need to be Lady Gaga.
2. You need to be a native speaker.
3. You need to be outgoing and humorous.
4. All you need is to smile. Smile and you're a great host.

Question 3
What do you do when hosting a discussion?
1. Treat each participant a fancy meal.
2. Control time. Be brief yourself and encourage people to be brief. If one topic takes too much time, say, "let's move it offline."
3. Prepare a 1 to 2 minutes opening, to get people enthusiastic in joining the discussion.
4. Invite and acknwledge each person to join the discussion, such as "Charlie, what's your perspective on this?" and "Good point!"
Question 4
What's the essence of coaching?
1. It's about discovering a person's emerging strength, even if you see only a tiny bit of strength.
2. I won't be encouraging to another person unless he or she is encouraging to me.
3. I can do a lot of work to achieve a team's goal. It's more time consuming to bring team members up to speed.
4. I want to be helpful and give a lot of advices since my methods are the best way to do things.

Agenda of the 1-hour Boot Camp
10 minutes - Each person gets to talk one minute about what he or she wants to get out of the boot camp.
10 minutes - Discuss how to invite, host, and coach.
30 minutes - Practice invitation, opening, inviting, acknowledging, and feedback.
10 minutes - Each person gets to talk about learning and next step for one minute.